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Empowering Utilities with Stakeholder Feedback and Wisdom

At UtilityPULSE we understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing the utility sector today

Since 1999, we’ve been providing utility leaders with insightful, cost-effective research solutions
The power of focused research

Exclusive Research for Utilities

Since its inception in 1999, UtilityPULSE has carved out a distinctive niche within the research industry, dedicating our expertise and resources to the utilities sector. This unwavering focus is not just a business strategy; it’s a testament to our understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that electric, gas, and water utilities face.

Capturing the Wisdom of Customers & Employees

Over the last three decades, the landscape of customer expectations has undergone a significant transformation. What began as a need for businesses to be “customer-focused” has evolved into a demand for being “customer-driven,” and now, the imperative is to be “customer-centered.”
Utility customers will provide wisdom, insights and feeback
Crafting value for every stakeholder in the utility sector

Meeting Requirements of All Stakeholders is the Goal

In the complex, highly regulated realm of utilities, the mandate to generate value extends far beyond the basic provision of services. Despite an intricate web of municipal and national regulations and governance requirements, utilities shoulder an immense responsibility for creating value for customers, employees, owners, and the wider community.

Collaboration: Creating value, tackling complex issues - together

In an era where challenges grow more complex and interconnected, the power of collaboration in problem-solving has never been more evident. Across societal and organizational landscapes, there’s a noticeable shift towards valuing collaboration, especially in the workplace.
Candid conversations create better stakeholder engagement surveys

We deliver specialized, cost-effective research tailored to the utility sector, to support your strategic and operational goals

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UtilityPULSE, with over 25 years of continuously researching customer and employee opinions, viewpoints and wisdom has a track record for bringing useable data, information and insights to clients.
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